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The Family Folk Chorale is pleased to announce the Winners of our first annual Songwriting Competition:

First Prize / $250:          David Keevil
Second Prize / $100:     Lara Herskovitch
Third Prize / $50:           Chris Nauman

The winning song, “Your Hands” by David Keevil, will be arranged for chorus by Artistic Director Chris Eastburn and performed by the Family Folk Chorale on Sunday, April 7, 2013, 3pm, at the Museum of Our National Heritage in Lexington, MA.

“David Keevil has written a lyrically poetic and harmonically rich song about the touch of a Creator's hands, with imagery of making bread and planting seeds.” said Eastburn. “This song is filled with gorgeous chord changes and it will be a magical experience hearing those harmonies cast upon the intergenerational voices of the Family Folk Chorale.”

David Keevil is a singer-songwriter from Wayland , MA , who is also known locally as the founder and manager of the Acoustic Showcase in Lexingon , MA , for four years running as a bi-weekly presentation of local musical talent. David has been performing music since he was a boy soprano in church, and he’s been writing and performing his own songs since the turn of the century either solo, with the trio Laughing Boy, or with the pop/rock band The Groove Pops.

“I try to write songs that I want to hear – melodic, intelligent, with some juice and humor,” Keevil writes. “I like to get people singing along, or at least humming along in the car after the show. I’m not a teenager, so I don’t sing about falling in love and conquering the world – I’m more likely to write songs about staying in love, learning to fail gracefully, and accepting our overwhelming inconsequentiality. But it’s not as lugubrious as it sounds – I’ve got a light touch and a playful approach.”