Beatles Concert Flyer



Fifty years ago Creedence Clearwater Revival was the hottest selling band in the world, supplanting even the Beatles in 1969 and becoming one of the most beloved bands in the history of rock. CCR was powered by their lead guitarist and Grammy winning songwriter John Fogerty, a master of infectious melodies, powerful song structuring and evocative lyrics. Join us for a lively and inspiring afternoon to celebrate the music of CCR, which helped anchor the peace movement and won fans across generations.  

Sing, clap and dance along with us to the familiar sounds of Proud Mary, Have You Ever Seen the Rain, Dont You Wish It Was True, Midnight Special, Down on the Corner, Fortunate Son, and many more.

Bruce Springsteen described Fogerty creating a world of childhood memory...a landscape of swamps, bayous, endless rivers...back porches, hound dogs chasing ghosts, and bad moon rising straight out of the blues tradition.  With a series of albums chock-full of hit songs, Creedence virtually owned the US Billboard Top 40 in 69 and the early 70s.

Bring your friends and family, memories and anticipation to an afternoon you wont soon forget!

“Thank you so much. We are absolutely honored to be here. The memories of this afternoon will last in our hearts for a lifetime!”