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Songwriting  Competition

Past Winners

1st Annual Competition

First Place: “Your Hands” by David Keevil
Second Place: “Four Wise Monkeys” by Lara Herscovitch
Third Place: “We Are The People” by Chris Nauman
2nd Annual Competition
First Place: "Rise Up Singing" by Elaine Mahon
Second Place: "Make It Right" by Jane Fallon
Third Place: "Love is Loud" by Anne Sandstrom
3rd Annual Competition
First Place: "Star-Spangled" by Molly Pinto-Madigan
Second Place: "Small Craft" by David Keevil
Third Place: "Sometimes Song" by Tedd Rodman
4th Annual Competition
First Place: "We Stand Our Ground" by Chris Nauman
Second Place: "Sequel" by Terry Kitchen
Third Place: "Benediction" by Susanna Rose
5th Annual Competition
First Place: "Be Your Own Light" by Linda McRae
Second Place: "Seeds" by Terry Kitchen
Third Place: "Best of You" by Crystal & Pete Damore
6th Annual Competition
First Place: "Wingspan" by Lara Herscovitch
Second Place: "The Fighter and the Pillar of Salt" by Josh Olivier-Mason
Third Place: "Welcome to the Spiral Dance" by Geoff Bartley

7th Annual Competition

First Place: "Ring the Bells" by Susan Kane

Second Place: "Plowshares" by Clint Alphin

Third Place: "Gardens in the Rain" by Michael Rutberg

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Past Winners
The FFC Songwriting Competition has created a unique opportunity for collaboration between songwriter, arranger, conductor and chorus. Most songwriters rarely get to hear their songs performed by other singers. Yet in this competition, the winning song is professionally arranged and performed with a 70-voice, multi-generational ensemble. It is no wonder why the competition has attracted the attention of songwriters throughout the United States.
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